Extend your productivity and advance your success with MPower customer support and training

MPower is with you every step of the way, with complete customer care that gives you single-source end-to-end support for the life of every machine, including technical service, learning opportunities, parts and more. Join us at DISCOVER 2021 to find out how we put you first, with the industry’s best warranty coverage, speedy parts orders, comprehensive training for every skill level and all-inclusive support to maximize your success.


Warranty Coverage

See our newest technologies at DISCOVER 2021, all covered by the industry’s only two-year comprehensive warranty. MPower covers every Mazak machine tool, including parts and labor on machine and CNC.

Support & Expertise

MPower complete customer care gives you single-source end-to-end support for the life of every machine, with 1-hour response time and 24-hour support. Our new My Mazak Service Portal offers 24/7/365 access to your account information. For runoffs, live demonstrations, test cuts and more, our network of 8 Technology Centers and 5 Technical Centers provides applications expertise, training and support.

Remote Assist

Through MPower, Mazak technicians can show you how to tackle a procedure or help you identify a replacement part directly at your machine tool – on your mobile device, for faster technical support and quicker repairs. See how technical notes show up onscreen through mixed reality and remain viewable away from the shop floor.


Access more than 100 multi-level, in-person and on-demand training courses through our modern learning management system. At DISCOVER 2021, you’ll see how MPower training options match up with every skill level and learning need.


MPower backs you up with guaranteed lifetime parts support. Our giant parts facility stores nearly 500,000 unique in-stock part numbers and more than $178 million in replacement parts and unit inventories for fast delivery. Track every order 24/7 so you know when your parts will arrive.


Every rebuilt spindle includes 12 hours of test-stand runoff and vibration analysis benchmarking to ensure that any replacement provides the utmost in performance. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility guarantees you the highest precision and quality in these crucial parts, and at DISCOVER 2021, you’ll see how we MPower supports you with guaranteed quality.

Spindle Support

Learn how MPower supports customers around the world with more than $54 million in dedicated spindle inventory, including 700 spindle variations, all with 97% same-day shipping.

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