Emerging Technologies & Markets: Economic, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Trends Heading into 2022

Wednesday 10/27/2021, 11:00 am

What is the outlook for U.S. manufacturing given where we are today? Full of growth and opportunity, says Doug Woods, President of AMT. Woods will share what he and the experts at AMT see as the key markets, core technologies and industry trends impacting manufacturing today. He’ll also provide insight into how these drivers will accelerate opportunities and address challenges for manufacturers heading into the future.


Doug Woods, President, AMT
Douglas K. Woods joined AMT as its President in 2009. A lifelong manufacturing professional, Doug is dedicated to promoting the world’s most innovative manufacturing technology and positioning AMT as a leader on issues that impact the industry. In his time at AMT, Doug has led the effort in developing MTConnect, the industry-wide interoperability standard that has grown in usage across a wide scope of manufacturing operations around the world. Additionally, he has overseen the development of MTInsight, a customized manufacturing business intelligence platform, as well as an expansion of AMT’s Global Technology Centers and the growth of IMTS, the largest manufacturing technology event in the western hemisphere. Doug sits on several industry boards, including the Reshoring Initiative, the MTConnect Institute and the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining.


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